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Dental Health for Adults

Our program can assist two groups of adults who may have special dental health needs: people with developmental disabilities, and pregnant women involved with the Healthiest Babies Possible Program. Other adults can find Vancouver-area dental health resources by checking the links listed on the bottom of this page.

Adults with Developmental Disabilities

Our dental hygienist works with the Health Services for Community Living (HSCL) program to provide support, education and resources to adults with developmental disabilities and their caregivers. The hygienist can teach mouth care as well as create oral care plans for individuals based on their unique needs.

The Health Services for Community Living (HSCL) program provides consultation to caregivers of adults with developmental disabilities regarding nursing care, dental hygiene, nutrition, and rehabilitation services.

For more information contact the program at GF Strong at 604-734-1313 ext 2196.

Pregnant Women

Your baby’s teeth begin to form while you are pregnant. To give your developing baby the best chance at healthy teeth, you need to eat nutritious food.  Brush and floss your own teeth daily and get them checked by a dentist.  If your mouth is not healthy, you can transfer the bacteria that cause tooth decay to your baby's mouth.

After the baby is born you will need to wipe their gums every day with a clean, soft cloth. As soon as teeth appear, brush after breakfast and before bed using a soft toothbrush with a smear of fluoride toothpaste.

Pregnancy Resources

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